Index to the Superior Court Records of Sonoma County, California, 1880-1889


In 2014, the Friends of Santa Rosa Libraries funded a project to convert the microfilm images of the existing Sonoma County Superior Court record indices to digital images. Volunteers from the Sonoma County Genealogical Society transcribed the records of the General Plaintiff Index, volume 2, and the General Defendant Index, volume 2, from these digital images for the years 1880 through 1889. Volunteers also abstracted information from eight volumes of original Sonoma County Superior Court Registers of Actions housed at the Sonoma County Archives for the same time period.

This book is arranged in two sections: A comprehensive name index for all Sonoma County Superior Court suits from 1880 through 1889 and a listing of each suit’s suit number, plaintiffs, defendants, cause, Register of Actions volume and page number(s) reference, and action date. A total of 2337 Sonoma County Superior Court suits for the years 1880 through 1889 are indexed in this publication. The suits are numbered 1 to 2326 with eleven suits using non-integers. Both civil and criminal cases are included.


Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc.


2017, 8½x11, paper, index, 280 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457562