History of the Town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine, From Its Settlement June 10, 1780


Over three-quarters of this book is devoted to genealogical records of the early settlers of Leeds, Maine. The main section contains biographical and genealogical information regarding more than forty of the town’s leading families. Additional noteworthy chapters include the records of marriage intentions from 1801–1901 and the genealogy section containing Leeds men who were living at the time the book was published (c.1901) and listing their children, parentage and paternal and maternal grandparents. The text’s narrative history covers: the founding of the town, its location and natural features; aborigines; churches; schools; “Professional Men;” some “First Things;” a list of town officers spanning 1801–1901; and military records for the American Revolution, War of 1812 and Civil War. Appendix I contains the historical and genealogical information of six additional families, three of which were headed by African-American Revolutionary War soldiers. Appendix II consists of two lists of early settlers. The first is a “Schedule of Settlers on Townships on Pegyscot [Pejepscot] Patent: Littleboro’ [Leeds]” between 1781 and 1794, from the original at the Maine Historical Society. The second list of Leeds settlers dates from around 1800 and is copied from Pejepscot Claim papers in the Androscoggin Historical Society. A lot map for the town of Leeds, drawn by the surveyor for the Pejepscot Land Company in the early 1800s, enhances this edition. The new master index will give the researcher easy access to the treasures within this book. This every-name index includes women’s maiden and married names, and also contains subjects and towns. This work is illustrated with forty-five portraits and town views.


J.C. Stinchfield, with new material added by David C. Young 

(c.1901, 1996), 2012, paper, index, 604 pp.

ISBN: 9780788405419