Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia (paper)


Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia (Transcriptions from the original files of County Courts in Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri of wills, deeds, order books & marriages as well as some family lines...)
Ruth and Sam Sparacio

More than one hundred years after the first settlers arrived in the Virginia Colony, some of their descendants, including our ancestral families, the Lindsay, Mountague, Mills and Stevens, had migrated to the forks and branches of the Pamunkey River in Orange County (North Fork of the North Anna River). Our chronicle is concerned with the Pamunkey Neighbors, where they came from who stayed in Orange County and who migrated westward into Kentucky, Missouri and Texas. Their story is told by quoting the court records, wills, deeds, marriages and trials available.

1985, 2022, paper, 612 pp.

ISBN: 9780788497490