New York Directory for 1786


New York Directory for 1786 - Sachs. This “Valuable and well Calculated Almanack” offers tables of different coins; the names of citizens, their occupations and places of abode; the members of Congress, from what state, and where residing; grand departments of the United States for adjusting public accounts, and by whom conducted; members in Senate and Assembly, from what county, and where residing; judges, aldermen, and other civil officers, with their places of abode; public state-offices, and by whom kept; counselors at law, and where residing; ministers of the gospel, where residing, and of what church; physicians, surgeons, and their places of abode; president, directors, days, and hours of business at the bank; professors, etc. of the University of Columbia College; rates of porterage, as by law established; arrivals and departures of the mails at the post office; and a key to the changes in names of streets. A detailed description of New York written by Noah Webster covers “the time between the recognition of the colonies’ independence and Washington’s Presidency” and offers readers a very interesting contrast between the “quaint old Dutch town” and New York in the twenty-first century. (1786, 1998), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 88 pp.

ISBN: 9780788408106