Maryland's German Heritage: Daniel Wunderlich Nead's History


Today, German-Americans number 26% of the population of Maryland, thereby making them the largest ethnic group in the state. The foundations of this large German-American population were laid in colonial times when large numbers of Germans from Pennsylvania migrated to Maryland. Originally published in 1913, Nead’s history, The Pennsylvania-German in the Settlement of Maryland, has become a standard text on the history of the Maryland Germans before 1800.

Focusing on the role of the Pennsylvania Germans in founding the German element in Maryland, this book demonstrates how inextricably the German heritage of Pennsylvania and Maryland are interrelated. The book is well illustrated with sketches, maps and facsimiles and has chapters devoted to home-making, religion, migration, education and industry. There are also chapters exploring the Maryland German involvement in the French and Indian, and Revolutionary Wars complete with lists of participating soldiers. In addition, Dr. Tolzmann has provided a historical introduction to the work along with bibliographical references for further study and research.

An index to subjects, full names, and places is provided. From Maryland, Germans would later move further into Virginia, and then onwards into the Ohio Valley. Anyone interested in the history of early German immigration and settlement in Maryland and surrounding states will find this book highly informative.

Don Heinrich Tolzmann

(1913, 1994, 2010), 2023, 5½x8½, paper, index, 352 pp
ISBN: 9780788400643