Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia, 1776-1854: Recorded in Bonds, Licenses, and Ministers' Returns


This book makes available (for the first time in one volume) almost 6,000 marriage records, including 145 African-American marriages, recorded between 1776 and 1854 in Accomack County, Virginia. The author has collected all extant marriage bonds on file in the Accomack County Clerk’s Office and in the Virginia State Library. She has also included bonds for the years 1831–1841 and 1847–1850 which were abstracted by earlier genealogists from records which have since disappeared. Moreover, she has augmented the bonds with marriages recorded only in the Ministers’ Returns. Also included are the eighteen surviving Accomack County marriage records from the colonial period. Each record is alphabetized by the surname of the groom, and contains the name of the wife and date the marriage was recorded. There is a list of sources and their locations, as well as an informative introduction which acquaints the reader with the marriage laws of Accomack County between the years 1776 and 1854. Also included is a maiden name index. Since no vital statistics were kept before 1854 in the county, this book is a valuable tool for the researcher working in this area.


Nora Miller Turman


(1994), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 408 pp.

ISBN: 9780788401350