Berkley, Massachusetts Cemetery Inscriptions


In 1996, the author visited all the Berkley cemeteries she could find and transcribed the inscriptions from each stone in order to preserve the inscriptions before they were "lost due to the ravages of time." Cemetery records are arranged alphabetically by cemetery name and include the location of the cemetery and "Notes" offering additional information provided by the author's research, such as a previous location of a stone. The inscriptions vary, but generally provide the full name of the deceased, the year of birth and the year of death; some also provide the name(s) of spouse and/or children, parents, or siblings. Locations include: Algerine Street Cemetery, App's Hill Cemetery, Berkley Common Cemetery, Bobbett stone, Nathan G. Bowen Cemetery, Briggs Cemeteries, Nathan Briggs stone, Bryant Street stone, Burt Cemetery, Burt's Corner Cemetery, Caswell/Clark Cemetery, Dean Cemetery, Dean/Dillingham Cemetery, Dighton Rock Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Fox Cemetery, Haskins Cemetery (Bryant Street), Haskins Cemetery (Church Street), Haskins Cemetery (Myricks Street), Hatheway Cemetery, Lydia Jones stone, Norcutt Cemetery, North Main Street Cemetery, Paull Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Tew Cemetery, tomb, Townsend Cemetery, and Webster Cemetery. A map of Berkley cemeteries, a few charming illustrations, and a surname index augment the records.

Gail E. Terry

(1997), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 238 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406898