Revolutionary War Veterans, Chenango County, New York, Volume IV, S-Z

Revolutionary War Veterans, Chenango County, New York, Volume IV, S-Z
Nelson B. Tiffany


This final volume contains veteran's names that begin with letters S through Z. The veterans of Chenango County came from various locations around the state and the country, and it has often been quite difficult for individuals to research them. However, this series makes that task seemingly effortless. The sources used are extremely reliable. The author has compiled a list of possible veterans using the innumerable libraries, archives, historical associations and societies at his disposal. Sources include: family information, surrogate records, family genealogies, cemetery records, historical publications and many local historians. The format of this serial study is set up in a very sensible manner. In short form each entry incorporates all or most of the following information: the veteran's name; date of residency; town of residence; date of birth and birthplace; mother and father; date and place of death; name and location of cemetery; and epitaph. A more detailed description of each veteran's history is also present. Aspects examined are service history; family information, including a brief profile of the veteran's children; and other additional information. Each edition provides a handy alphabetical listing of veterans to aid in research, and a family name index for the entire series exists within Volume IV.

(1998), 2020, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 290 pp.

ISBN: 9780788409431