History of Talbot County, Maryland [Two volumes in three parts]


This important work of Maryland history will be welcomed by all who wish to know of its historical beginnings, political contests, religious conflicts, progress in education, industrial development, social life, and finally of the notable citizens who established its greatness. Volume I contains fifty biographical sketches of notable citizens. Volume II relates the history of Talbot County from its early settlement down to the beginning of the Civil War, with particular stress on the Colonial, Revolutionary, and War of 1812 periods. Chapters include: Samuel Alexander Harrison, M.D.; Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman; Hon. James Hollyday, Jr.; Francis Butler, gent; Robert Morris; Henry Callister; Wenlock Christison; Edward Lloyd, The Puritan; Philemon Lloyd, Indian Commissioner; Edward Lloyd, The President; Philemon Lloyd, The Secretary; Edward Lloyd, The Councillor; Edward Lloyd, The Patriot; Edward Lloyd, The Governor; Edward Lloyd, The Farmer; Edward Lloyd, The Senator; Governor Daniel Martin; Colonel Jacob Gibson; Dr. Ennalls Martin; Reverend Thomas Bacon, D.D.; David Kerr; General Perry Benson; Jeremiah Banning; Hon. John Dickinson; Hon. William Tilghman; John Leeds Bozman, The Historian; Hon. John Leeds Kerr; Hon. Robert Henry Goldsborough; Hon. John Bozman Kerr; Hon. Matthew Tilghman; Dr. Tristram Thomas; Hon. William Perry; General Lloyd Tilghman; Purser Samuel Hambleton; Colonel Samuel Hambleton; Captain William Claiborne; Alexander D'Hinojosa; Samuel Chamberlaine of Plain Dealing; Samuel Chamberlaine, Jr., of Bonfield; Dr. John Coats; Nicholas Hammond, 3rd; Governor Philip Francis Thomas; Admiral Franklin Buchanan; Right Reverend Henry Champlin Lay, D.D.; Reverend Henry Michael Mason; Thomas Beaston; Hon. Richard Carmichael Hollyday; James Lloyd Martin; Governor Samuel Stevens; and General Tench Tilghman. Volume One contains a full-name index.

Oswald Tilghman

(1915, 1994), 2015, paper, index, 2 vols. in 3 parts, 1200 pp.

ISBN: 9781556139727