Myricks, Massachusetts: A Farming Settlement, A Railroad Village


Myricks, Massachusetts: A Farming Settlement, A Railroad Village - Gail E. Terry. First settled around 1713, the small farming community of Myricks is named after one of the earliest families to settle in this section of Berkley in Bristol County, Massachusetts. The author's grandmother, Marian (Brailey) Stetson collected articles, pictures, memorabilia, and other items on the history of Myricks for more than forty years. With this information as a foundation, Ms. Terry has compiled an extensive history of Myricks that also includes a Myricks family genealogy. The settlement of the town is described and shown with several maps. Lists of farmers, current and previous street names, and detailed notes by the author, establish the town's early identity. The coming of the railroads, starting in 1839, brought new prosperity to the town. There were also some spectacular train accidents. A chapter about the Methodist church contains a list of ministers, and the chapter about schools contains several lists of teachers and a short history of each school. But the big event every year in Myricks was the Cattle Show and Fair, to which another chapter is devoted. The book also gives a wealth of information about fires, cemeteries, businesses, organizations, and other facts. The volume abounds with names and includes a subject and surname index. The Myrick Genealogy begins with Samuel, born 29 January 1687. Fifty illustrations include maps, homesteads, drawings, documents, landmarks, schools, ads, and much, much more! A delightful book! (1998), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 200 pp.

ISBN: 9780788410055