Allegheny County [Pennsylvania] Hundred Years


This panoramic county history is grouped by years: 1754-1788, 1788-1794, 1794-1811, 1811-1845, 1845-1860, 1860-1865, 1865-1878, and 1878-1888. Christopher Gist, on behalf of the Ohio Company, and George Washington were early visitors to the area that became Allegheny County in 1788. Involvement in the French and Indian War, the Pontiac War, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War are discussed, as well as churches, schools, newspapers, music, art and benevolent institutions. A large foldout print of Pittsburgh, a foldout print of the Allegheny courthouse, a foldout print of Fort Du Quesne, two plates of the courthouse and a new fullname index enhance this work.

George H. Thurston

(1888), 1999, paper, 312 pp.

ISBN: 9780788412998