Christoph Von Graffenried's Account of the Founding of New Bern (North Carolina)


This is a fascinating story of one of the early colonies in the New World. In 1710, Christoph Von Graffenried and a partner set sail for America with hundreds of Swiss and Palatine immigrants to establish the colony of New Bern, in the province of Carolina. Graffenried hoped to make his fortune from reported veins of silver ore, so he brought many German miners and their families with him. He had been granted the title of Landgrave and so was allowed to purchase several thousand acres of Carolina land. This book contains his own personal accounts of his experiences, written in French and in German, with complete translations in English. The accounts describe the ocean voyage, his difficulties providing food and necessities for the colonists, relations with the Indians, conditions between the English colonists and the Indians, descriptions of the country, his intricate business dealings and much more. The first 100 pages of the book consist of a thorough historical overview which explains the causes of the Palatine migration, circumstances in Europe, contempt for the Germans in England and America, Graffenried's early life, establishment of the colony, early government and opposition of the colony, difficulty with the proprietors, rebellion, attacks, exploration, Indian captivity, Indian resentment of the English, plans for a new settlement, and the eventual destiny of the German settlement at New Bern. Also includes a fold-out map the "Plan of the City of New Bern, North Carolina, by Baron Christoph Von Graffenried" dated 1710.

Vincent H. Todd

(1920, 1999), 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 436 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413902