Postle(s) In America, Volume 1: Revised Edition


A preliminary survey of Possels / Postal / Postel / Poostell / Postels / Postill / Postle(s) / Postly / Postol, with emphasis placed on Delaware & Ohio Families. Revised Edition

This genealogy begins with Thomas Postle who was born about 1700, presumably in England, and settled in Sussex County, Delaware. This surname also appears frequently as Postal or Postel, and other variations. This work traces the descendants of Thomas Postle who spread westward throughout the Midwest. While it is primarily a male-line genealogy, some female lines are included. Among the most numerous allied surnames are: Boyd, Brown, Clover, Hall, Heath, Lewis, McWilliam(s) Shockley, Teeters and Young. Chapters include: Thomas Possells/Postles (ca. 1700-1774); Shadrach Postles (1755–1832); Zadoc Postles (Child #1); Elizabeth (Postles) Brown (Child #2); Job Postles (Child #3); John Postles (Child #4); Solomon Postles (Child #7); Stephen Postles (Child #8); Gabriel Postles (Child #11); Brothers and Married Sister of Shadrach Postles; Allied Family: Willey; Postley/Postles Freed Slaves and Blacks; followed by Addendum Surname Index; Appendix; Deeds; Epilogue; Military Records (Postles and variant spellings; un-indexed); Postles Beginnings; and, Surname Index. Charts, maps, deeds and wills add to the value of this work.

Martha A. Montgomery and Joanne V. (Lewis) Thomas

(1984, 2000), 2015, 8½x11, paper, index, 354 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414220