The Pennsylvania Germans: James Owen Knauss, Jr.’s Social History


The Pennsylvania Germans: James Owen Knauss, Jr.’s Social History - Don Heinrich Tolzmann. This work was originally published by the Pennsylvania German Society in 1922 under the title Social Conditions Among the Pennsylvania Germans in the Eighteenth Century as Revealed in the German Newspapers Published in America. This informative work provides a descriptive analysis of the German American press of Pennsylvania, as well as a comprehensive survey of the German American communities which comprised its audience. Mr. Knauss explores the religious life, occupations, political affiliations, and social climate of these communities, while focusing on the role of the German American press and the accomplishments of prominent German American citizens. The checklist of German American periodicals is of particular interest to the researcher. This section lists all the German American newspapers published in Pennsylvania and other nearby states, noting libraries throughout the United States where they can be found. There is also an extensive bibliography, suggesting avenues for further research on the Pennsylvania Germans. This edition, edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, includes a new historical introduction and an index of full names. (2001), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 242 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417061