Dayton's German Heritage: Karl Karstaedt's Golden Jubilee History of the German Pioneer Society of Dayton, Ohio


The German Pioneer Society of Dayton was formed in 1878. In compiling this work, an attempt was made to not only record the history of the society, but to also record the history of the Dayton Germans, including biographies and photographs of eighty of its foremost citizens. The text also includes a general survey of German-American history that places the Dayton Germans in the historical context of German immigration and settlement. The biographies and historical notices are interspersed with interesting period advertisements. A few of the articles are printed in the German language. This work was originally published in 1928 and is now available with a new table of contents (which lists the historical material, biographies and societies alphabetically) and foreword by Dr. Tolzmann.

Karl Karstaedt; Don Heinrich Tolzmann, editor

(2001, 2005), 2010, 8½x11, paper, 124 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417740