Early German-American Newspapers: Daniel Miller's History


The purpose of this work is to make Daniel Miller’s history of the German-American press, from its beginnings in the early eighteenth century to 1830, accessible to those interested in German-American history. As Miller provides a basic introductory survey of the press of this period, this work is essential for those seeking information on German-American history in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This work provides a chronological survey covering the German-American press in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, the South, and the West. In each city and county where there was a German-American news press, the newspaper publications are discussed, including such details as titles, names of founders, dates of publication, and information on editorial policy. Especially valuable are the numerous facsimiles of mastheads, as well as a selection of pages from the German-American press of the period. The rich illustrations in this work cannot be found in any other publication dealing with the German-American press. Also of special value, Miller provides geographical coverage to the topic, rather than dealing thematically with the German-American press, so that one can focus on a particular locale that might be of interest. A new full-name index has been compiled by Dr. Tolzmann and appended to the original work

Don Heinrich Tolzmann

(2001), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 122 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417825