Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families [2 volumes]


This voluminous work is divided into 3 sections: genealogies of New York families, miscellaneous notes, and genealogies of New England families. The data concerns approx. 18,000 people. The genealogical notes of both New York and New England families comprise data of remarkable detail – working back to the original emigrants to this country and forward to the last quarter of the 19th century, being in effect a complete ancestral table. Among the 12,000 individuals listed are the Bogarts and the Fondas. The section on misc. genealogical notes includes Bible records (with cross references to the genealogies), records of burials in Albany (1722-1757), and an index of intermarriages for both NY and New England families, altogether comprising about 6,000 names.

Sebastian V. Talcott

(1883), reprint, 2 vols., paper, index, 815 pp. and 786 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419560