The Shorter Family: England, America and Africa in the History of a Family


The Shorter Family: England, America and Africa in the History of a Family - Aylward Shorter and Maggie Price Taylor.

This extraordinary saga begins in 1298, with the earliest known makers of glass in England, spans more than 700 years and entwines two races. The first of the family settled in America in 1635, developed in Virginia with branches in Georgia and then Alabama. Lawyers, generals, a Governor of Alabama, television stars, a renowned jazz musician, and many other prominent individuals have sprung from these roots. England, America and Africa all played a role in this remarkable family. Part One, The Shorter Family in England 1298-2001, opens with a discussion on the derivation of the name (Shorter is a derivation of Schurterre, the name of a 14th century family of English Wealden glassmakers), followed by a absorbing narrative of the family in England that is rich in both genealogical data and historical detail. Part Two, The Shorter Family in America 1635-2001, opens with a discussion of the first American Shorter-John Shorter, followed by the transatlantic journeys of Sir John Shorter, William Shorter and the Virginia Shorters, John Shorter of Middlesex County, the Shorter Family in Georgia, the Shorter Family in Alabama, African American Slavery and the Shorter Family, African American Shorter Families (freed and enslaved), and concludes with Alfred Hurt Shorter and Shorter College. Numerous charts, maps, photographs, and a fullname plus subject index add to the value of this well-written, well-documented work.

(2003), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 314 pp. 101-T2293 ISBN: 0788422936