The Cradle of the Republic: Jamestown and James River


The Cradle of the Republic: Jamestown and James River - Lyon G. Tyler, LL.D.

Six years after the appearance of the first edition of this work, two new sources of information became available: the collection of manuscripts purchased by the Library of Congress from a member of the Ambler family, and a monograph titled The Site of Old Jamestowne, compiled by Samuel H. Yonge. As engineer under the direction of the United States Engineer Department, Yonge had charge of the construction of the water guard now protecting the western end of Jamestown Island. He was able to accurately fix the site of many of the ancient habitations. The Ambler collection in the Library of Congress comprises several charts and many original patents, deeds, and leases, covering a long period of time from 1640 to 1809, and showing the location of many lots and the gradual consolidation of the island property into a few hands. These two sources have been incorporated into this second edition. Comprehensive in scope, this work begins with a review of the reasons for settling the area, going back to the sixteenth-century rivalry between Britain and Spain. Other topics include the early explorations and settlement attempts by Cabot and Raleigh, the London and Plymouth Company colonies, the Indians along the James River, the fort built in 1607, and social and political conditions. It concludes with an account of the origin and history of places along the James River. The text is abundantly illustrated and includes two fold-out maps as well as an index.

(1906), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 296 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432224