New Hampshire Genealogical Digest, 1623-1900 [cloth]


This volume contains abstracted biographies, presented in a compact and precise format, from seven out of print or hard to find works concerning New Hampshire. It is not an every-name index for the books abstracted, but rather a biographical overview of the material contained therein. Individuals with accompanying biographical data (such as: dates of birth/marriage and/or names of parents, spouses, or children) are included.

To use this Digest, look for the male surname(s) you are researching. Find the male as a subject of a sketch, or as the father or son included in another sketch; check the cross-index to find where he may be listed as a spouse. To find a female, look under her husband's or father's surnames for a listing; check the cross-index for additional (hidden) references. Entries are listed alphabetically and include the subject’s full name; birth and parents; marriage(s); principal residences; children and their spouses; and a reference to the source. Both parents are listed when known, the mother’s maiden name being included when possible. Grandparent’s names are included when there is not enough information to justify an independent listing. In many instances a place of residence is included with the parents’ names; this typically refers to the place of birth of the subject. When the place of birth is not given or the parents lived in many places, this reference may be omitted. Parents of spouses are listed; residence is included following above guidelines. A year of birth for the spouse is included when known. A spouse’s grandparents will be included here, in the same case as the subject’s grandparents. This information will be repeated for more than one wife. Names of the subject’s children include years of birth and spouses when known; dates of marriage are included here only when an independent reference was not needed. When known, the state is shown after the town or a string of towns in the same state are connected by ampersands (&). Children listed as having died young passed away when less than twenty years of age, on the assumption that they did not achieve adult-like status. The sketch ends with a reference to the original title.

A bibliography and a cross-index of every name not listed alphabetically add to the value of this work.

Glenn C. Towle

(1986), 2023, cloth, 342 pp.

ISBN: 9780917890932