Kentucky Lake Reservoir Cemeteries, Volume 1


This volume covers the grave removals by the Tennessee Valley Authority in the area of the state of Kentucky/Tennessee behind the Kentucky Lake Reservoir. When T.V.A. constructed the dam, engineers survey the entire basin of the lake and located all of the cemeteries. Crews then were assigned the task of contacting descendants of every grave to get permission to remove those graves or to leave them. They required a signed permission form for each grave.

In this volume, you will find a cataloging of the cemeteries that were involved with a plat map of that particular cemetery and a listing of the graves with the age, date of death, cause of death and the re-internment cemetery if the grave was removed. This is the only source of this information and relationship of one grave to another since the cemeteries are now under water.

The counties involved in this volume are: Calloway, Lyon, Livingston, Marshall and Trigg Counties in Kentucky.

James L. Douthat

(1988), 2023, 8½x11, paper, , 244 pp
ISBN: 9780788491252