Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 2 - Annotated - Cemeteries G - L

Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book #1net - Cemeteries G-L
Almetia Cunningham & Martha Holt with Betty M. Majors, Editor

Warren County, located in Middle Tennessee is important for the number of Revolutionary Soldiers that took land in this area from North Carolina. These cemeteries are scattered all across the county and are arranged alphabetically by the name of the cemetery. The annotation of the graves is of great importance to the researcher.


“Hill’s Creek Cemetery - KING, Melinda Sue 14 Dec 1959-20 Jan 1960 [daughter of Osmond and Betty June (Teeters) King.]

KING, Rhoda Gay died 31 May 1972 aged 5 days

SCOTT, Candy Kay 14 May 1965-20 Aug 1965 [daughter of Odus and Lottie (King) Scott, granddaughter of Newton King.] “


1994, paper, 312 pp.