Monroe County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions


Monroe County is in southeastern Tennessee was derived from the Cherokee Nation when the Hiwassee Land Purchase was accomplished in 1819. These tombstone records were taken by the W. P. A. workers as they went from grave yard to grave yard recording each of the stones present at that time. Since then more than 60+ years have expired and many more deaths have occurred since that time, but that would be another book. This is the records of over 85 different cemeteries from large public, church and family grave yards. The records show just what was on the stone with some additional information being made on some of the families and the cemeteries.

Examples from this volume:

GRAVES FAMILY CEMETERY - located on the farm of Mrs. Myrtle Q. Gowan on the road from Jalapa to Ivy.

  • J. L. Graves 1845-1934 [Masonic member]
  • B. C. Graves 1816-1902
  • S. S. Graves 1854-1925
  • C. B. Stephens 1820-1902
  • G. W. Graves 1825-1919 [Masonic member]

WPA Records

(?), 2023, 8½x11, paper, index, 388 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488405