Hamilton County, Tennessee Will Book 1, 1862-1892


Hamilton County, Tennessee, created in 1819 out of the territory of Rhea County, was named in honor of Alexander Hamilton. Since most of the early records, except the deeds, were destroyed during the Civil War, this first Will Book starts in 1862 and goes to 1892, the thirty years of Reconstruction. This volume is a verbatim transcription of the entire book. Since much information is gleaned in different ways, we did not abstract this volume. Many of these deeds reflect the times and concepts of the individuals especially when as one man leaves his farm to one daughter, the town house to another and to his wife the ‘outhouse’. Interpret as you see fit.


Martha J. Rawlings ... 2nd I give and bequeath and devise to Lizzie Patten, daughter of Z. C. Patten an undivided one half interest in my farm in 5th Civil District of Hamilton County, Tennessee, called my home place, also the North West corner of lot No. 30 on Poplar Street Chattanooga Tennessee fronting 35 feet on Poplar Street and running back eighty five feet and being the lot on which Z. C. Patten built a residence....

James L. Douthat

1996, paper, 228 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488566