Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Volume 12, May 2003—Feb 2004

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Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Volume 12, May 2003—Feb 2004 - Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. Continues the series. Includes John William Claiborne, 1621, The George to Virginia; Petition of Francis Makemie, Minister of the Gospel, 1689; Milden Presbyterian Church, 1888, Richmond County; Weems (Campbell Presbyterian) Church, 1889, Lancaster County; Finding Ancestors Through Land Ownership; Merchants and Mariners: The Slacum Family of Alexandria, Virginia; The Will of Mary Cunninghame, 1767, Gloucester County; King William County Land Tax Records, 1783; Henrico County Deeds, 1750-1774 (Deed Book, 1767-1774); Research in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Chandlers to Virginia, 1610-1700; Fielding Lewis to Colonel George Washington, 1775; The Terry Families, 1782-1832, King William County; Charles City County Land Tax Records, 1787;f; Richard Parrot to Charles Curtis Deed, 1683, Middlesex County; Desertion of Private Benjamin M'Dowell, Marine Corp., Richmond, 1813; A Theory About Three Ladies Named Dorothy: Smith, Debnam, Buckner, Peyton, Cammock; The Law Suit; Will of Hugh Watts, 1720, Middlesex County; Jail Escape, Caywood and Purcell, 1783; Will of John Lear, 1695, Nansemond County; Militia Fines, Hanover County, 1809; Will of Edward Bullock, 1753, Hanover County; Henrico County Deeds, 1750-1774 (Deed Book 1767-1774); The Presence of French Huguenots in the Colony of Virginia; Some Warwick County Records; A Theory About Three Ladies Named Dorothy: Second and Third Generations Smith, Buckner and Sterne; Some Convictions, Reprieves and Pardons by the Council of State and the Governor, 1782-1787; John Motley Bible, 1774-1828, Gloucester County; Will of Alice Corbin, 1791, King and Queen County; A List of Writts Issued and Ordinary Licenses Granted, 1758 Northumberland County; Will of James Seay, 1752, King William County; Henrico County Deeds, 1750-1774 (Deed Book, 1767-1774); Will of Edwin Motley, 1808, King and Queen County; Records of the Family of Samuel Chiles, 1785, Caroline County; Will of Kealey Stott, Charles City County, 1788; Chandlers to Virginia, 1607-1700, Part II; Finding Ancestors Through Land Ownership: A Correction; Analysis of Relationships Through Circumstantial Evidence in Burned Record Counties; The Legacy of Anthony Arnold: He Had No Kindness for Kings; Will of Henry Lyne, 1798, King and Queen County; Will of Elizabeth Taylor, Granville County, North Carolina; Chandlers to Virginia, 1607-1700 (Part III); Families of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1840, King George County; Will of Thomas Roane, 1799, King and Queen County; Philip Davis, 1784, Essex and Caroline Counties; Will of John Fauntleroy, 1794, Richmond County; John Woodson I, 1619-1644 and "Woodsons", Chesterfield County; Newspaper Gleanings, 1789-1790; Elizabeth City County Court Records, 1720-1721. 2004, 6x8½, paper, index, 272 pp. 101-TVF12 ISBN: