Quabbin, The Story of a Small Town with Outlooks Upon Puritan Life


Quabbin, The Story of a Small Town with Outlooks Upon Puritan Life - Francis H. Underwood. This delightful history paints a vivid picture of Quabbin, Massachusetts, with detailed descriptions of the natural beauty of the land, the dwellings and other buildings, the people, day to day life, and the spirit of the community. “Not until the rich alluvial lands of the Connecticut valley were taken up, and the fair hillsides east of the river were covered with farms, was there any thought of occupying this narrow, wet valley and the rugged knolls that enclosed it. The first white child was born in Quabbin in 1735, and the grant of the land was made by the General Court in 1736. The settlers were for the most part Scottish Presbyterians from Ulster.”

Chapters include: Quabbin; Through the Village; Farms and Farm-Life; Settlement; Atmosphere; The First Minister; Patient Emily; Judaistic Leanings; Dress, Manners, and Speech; How the Poor were cared for (Aunt Keziah—The Widow Carter); Character; The Quiltin’; Working the Roads; Village and Country; Town, Parish, and Church; The Second Minister; The Campaign Begun; Sunday Observances; Transition; How the Twig was bent; Quabbin loses and gains; Colleges and Ministers; Might have been a Romance; The Cider-Mill; An Exit; Robert IV; Dawn; Miss Wick’s Tea-Party; A Talk by the Roadside; An Arrival; An Excursion; Another Tea-Party; Literature; and, The Return of the Native. Three appendices and several facsimile reprints of vintage photographs enhance the text. “The old speech, as shown in this book, is given with an approach to accuracy.”

(1893), 2018, 5½x8½, paper, 412 pp.

ISBN: 9780788426063