Some Pioneer Delaware Families


This work, originally printed by the author, presents information discovered after the publication of The Virdins of Delaware and Related Families. Information on the Virdins makes up about one-half of Some Pioneer Delaware Families. The genealogical data covers the lives of principal members of several branches and lists known descendants, some of whom are then discussed in greater detail. Although most of the Virdins named are from Delaware, there are many accounts of the family in other eastern states, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Georgia. Virdins found in Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Illinois are touched upon as well. The author used numerous sources to compile this section including: city directories, newspaper clippings, census records, letters, records compiled by family members and cemetery listings. A chronology of marriages of Delaware Virdins from 1752 to 1912, some miscellaneous marriage records and a chronology of wills and administrations provide a quick reference to the family's past. The second half of the book discusses the early Delaware families of Broadway, Carter, Gilder, Lowber, Marvel, Register, Reynolds and Rodney in varying detail. Limited genealogical information is provided for these families, supplemented by numerous accounts of wills and estate. This work includes a name index and an index of the places and records cited.

Donald Odell Virdin

(1992), 2007, 8½x11, paper, indices, 272 pp.

ISBN: 9781556136085