Old Bergen, New Jersey: History and Reminiscences


The village of Bergen, established in 1660, was the first permanent settlement in New Jersey. Now known as Hoboken and Jersey City, the marshy land on which Bergen was founded is just across the Hudson River from New York. At the beginning of this century, when this book was written, the Bergen region was still known for an old-fashioned charm. Daniel Van Winkle wrote in his preface, "From its antiquity and historical importance, "Old Bergen" deserves more than a passing glance. Founded during the infancy of our country, and standing at the gateway of the continent, it was subjected during the colonial and revolutionary period to the privations and vicissitudes peculiar to those early days, to an unusual degree. The people inhabiting its territory, retaining to a great extent the characteristics and conservativeness of their forefathers, were oftentimes visited by their city neighbors, when tired and worn with the cares and anxieties of a business life, to secure a momentary relaxation and rest among their peaceful surroundings."

Mr. Van Winkle used sources such as colonial and revolutionary documents, old newspaper articles and individual's reminiscences to compile this pleasant and enjoyable history. Chapter subjects include discovery of the region, early settlements, native inhabitants, dissatisfaction with Gov. Kieft, English and Dutch rivalry, Revolutionary times, transportation, churches, War of 1812, Civil War, customs and habits, and old homes. There are over 25 maps and pictures, and an everyname index has been added.

Daniel Van Winkle

(1902, 2008), 2019, 5½x8½, paper, index, 340 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406942