Genealogical Abstracts From The Autauga Citizen, 1853, in Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama


Ms. Vinson has abstracted and compiled articles of genealogical value from microfilmed copies of Prattville's weekly newspaper-a treasure trove of information on Alabama families and a glimpse of our world in 1853 as viewed through southern eyes. Shifting county lines, following the publication of this newspaper, make this volume of interest to genealogists researching ancestors in Autauga, Elmore or Chilton Counties. Elmore County was established in 1866 and included an eastern section of Autauga. Chilton, formed in 1868, annexing a northern portion of Autauga. Articles are arranged chronologically, and include "Editorial Brevities," "News By Telegraph," lists of unclaimed letters at the post office, lists of political representatives, legislative proceedings, proceedings of the Southern Rights Convention, birth notices, marriage announcements, obituaries, election notices, probate notices, administrator sale notices, accounts of shootings, murders, and much more. Articles such as "Reminiscences of Autauga County" will be of interest to general readers as well as genealogists and historians. Advertisements with genealogical value, as well as state, national, and worldwide news items are also included. Spelling variations have been maintained as they appeared in these articles, and each variation is included in the index.

Charlene Vinson

(2000), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 226 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415531