Descendants of Jacob George Wickline and Maria Catharine Spahr [2 vols.]


The compilers of this massive work have attempted to find and record as many of the descendants of Jacob Georg Wickline (b. 1750 in New Hanover, PA) and Maria Catharine Spahr as possible. The final result of many years of devoted research has produced over 15,000 descendants of Johann George Wicklein (Jacob's father) plus their spouses, in all nearly 30,000 people, over 27,000 of whom are recorded in this book as the families of descendants of Johann Georg's son, Jacob George Wickline and his wife Maria Catharine Spahr. The primary sources of this vital information were courthouse, burial and census records. This book is presented in what is known as a National Genealogical Society Custom Journal Narrative Report format, with the exception that the compilers have also included information, when available, for the non-Wickline spouse. This format is logically arranged and pleasant to read, including such information as place and date of birth, place and cause of death, burial place, occupation, spouse's place and date of birth, spouse's parents, and birth and death dates, marriages, and residences of children. When enough information is available, a "mini-biography" is provided. Many precious family photographs are included. This listing is by generation rather than by family, but the reader will still find entire family units together. The first seven and a half generations are in the first volume and the rest of the seventh and remaining generations are in the second book. A nice feature of the fullname index is the inclusion of each person's date of birth and, if available, date of death.

Margureitte Flack Ratliff and Jane Green Volckmann

(2002), 2012, 8½x11, hardbound, index, 2 vols., 1632 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420566