Billie and Irene's Boys: A Family History of Billie Smith and Irene Hanson


Including Other Allied Family Surnames-Black, Burrow, Cannon, Goodman, Hendrix, Sims, VanHorn, and Williams

Growing up in Craighead County, Arkansas, Billie and Irene's boys were typical boys. They grew up in the 1930s, sons of a sharecropper who went to town for a job. The three boys stayed close as they matured into adulthood, but they went their separate ways in life. The youngest boy became a shift engineer at a power plant, and the middle boy worked for 40 years as a railroad man. Although the oldest boy began his career as a railroad man, he retired as a foreign missionary.

This book was written by Billie and Irene's granddaughter. With a Master's degree and a profession in research, the author endeavored to compile a family history of Billie and Irene's boys. Smith ancestors were tracked from Pennsylvania to Missouri to Arkansas. Hanson ancestors were tracked from Georgia and Alabama to Arkansas. Other allied surname histories were included. The book was written in loving dedication to Billie and Irene's boys-Vondas, John, and O'Neil.

RaNae S. Vaughn

2003, 5½x8½, paper, 269 pp.

ISBN: 9780788425936