Surviving World War II in Their Own Words: Their Journey through Battles and Prisoner of War Camps


Stories from a US Army WWII Infantry Lieutenant and a German Wehrmacht WWII FLAK Cannon Gunner

After the war, John “Johnny” Vicek spent many evenings compiling his diary, journals, notes into documents, which his son, Robert Vicek, used for this book. The first chapter and the epilogue are fabricated from the original journals, pictures and notes. With the exception of some spelling corrections, grammar changes, and abbreviation definitions, all the other chapters appear as they were written.

After the war, John Vicek met and married a German national. Robert Vicek’s German relatives, Aunt Maria and Uncle Karl Argauer were a significant part of his life. Uncle Karl told stories about his war experiences. After Maria and Karl passed away, Robert was given all their paperwork, which included photographs and other information about Karl’s service in the German military during World War II.

Both these soldiers wound up as Prisoners of War during World War II and their stories could not be more different. This unique perspective of World War II is enhanced with 224 photographs including: John Vicek and Karl Argauer during the war, POW camp, and after the war; documents and correspondence, and more.

John “Johnny” Vicek, Karl Argauer and Robert Vicek

2023, 6x9, paper, 318 pp.

ISBN: 9780788430060