Montgomery County, Virginia and Virginians


Montgomery County, located in the Mountain Empire section of Virginia, has been one of the more important counties in western Virginia from the earliest times. These biographical sketches were contributed by the families themselves and collected by the Virginia Historical Society under the direction of Dr. R. A. Brock. They contain much personal information not found in the normal sources which makes them extremely valuable to the genealogist.

Example from this volume:
WILLIAM T. PRICE - son of David and Eliza Jane (Fink) Price, ow both deceased, was born in Montgomery county, June 2, 1846, and is the owner of a farming estate in Blacksburg district. He served in the war between the States, which was ended before he reached his twentieth year, as a member of the 23rd Battalion, Wharton's division, Echols' brigade. etc. etc.

Surnames Included in This Publication

Abbott, Adams, Akers, Allen, Altizer, Amiss, Anness, Arthur, Asher, Ayer, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Bane, Barger, Barnett, Barton, Beale, Beckner, Berry, Bishop, Black, Blain, Blaylock, Booker, Brattin, Brose, Brown, Burford, Burke, Butts, Caddall, Calfee, Caperton, Carbaugh, Caton, Charlton, Childress, Chrisman, Claiborne, Clemmer, Cloyd, Cochran, Cole, Conrad, Cook, Cox, Craig, Crandall, Crawford, Creasey, Crockett, Crow, Crowell, Currin, Cundiff, Damaron, Davidson, Davis, Deal, Dejarnett, Dey, Dickenson, Dillard, Dodson, Dooley, Douthat, Dudding, Dundas, Early, Echols, Edmundson, Eggleston, Einstein, Ellis, Enders, Epperly, Eskridge, Evans, Fagg, Farmer, Farrier, Figgat, Finch, Fink, Fisher, Flagg, Foster, Francis, Fraser, Gardner, Garlic, Garnand, Gearhart, Gibson, Gill, Givens, Glasby, Goodall, Graham, Grayson, Grissom, Gross, Guerrant, Hall, Hammett, Hamtramck, Haney, Hanna, Harless, Harmon, Harold, Harrison, Harriss, Harvey, Haven, Hawley, Heerman, Helm, Henderson, Hendricks, Henry, Hight, Hines, Hoge, Holland, Holly, Hornbarger, Howard, Howery, Humphries, Iddings, Jackson, James, Johnson, Jones, Judkins, Keister, Kelley, Kent, Kinser, Kinzie, Kipps, Kirby, Lane, Langhorne, Lawson, Leckie, Ledbetter, Letcher, Lewis, Light, Linkous, Lipscombe, Logan, Lore, Lucas, Luster, Lybrook, McCauley, McClanahan, McClaugherty, McCullock, McCoy, McDonald, McMath, Maddox, Martin, Matthews, Melton, Mercer, Meredith, Micon, Miller, Moir, Munford, Murray, Myers, Otey, Owens, Palmer, Pate, Peck, Peery, Pendleton, Pepper, Perdue, Perfater, Peterman, Pettus, Pierce, Pollock, Preston, Price, Radford, Randolph, Rawlins, Reed, Reese, Reynolds, Rhutroff, Richardson, Riner, Robertson, Robinson, Rock, Ronald, Rorer, Rutledge, Ryan, Sayers, Scott, Sharitz, Shelburne, Shelor, Sheltman, Shepherd, Showalter, Shumaker, Shuey, Simpkins, Sled, Smith, Snider, Snow, Snyder, Songer, Spessard, Spickard, Staley, Stapleton, Stephens, Stone, Stover, Sublett, Summers, Sumpter, Surface, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thorp, Tilly, Trigg, Trout, Turner, Vaden, Vickers, Vinyard, Wade, Wall, Waller, Walters, Ward, Watterson, Webb, Weigh, Welch, Whitten, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Woods, Woolwine, Yearout, Zink, Zoll

R. A. Brock