Magazine of Virginia Genealogy: Vol. 36, Numbers 1-4, 1998


Magazine of Virginia Genealogy: Vol. 36, Numbers 1-4, 1998 - Virginia Genealogical Society. Contents include: Amelia - Tithables, 1736, 1741; Buckingham - Courthouse Fire; Hanover, Merchant's Account Book, 1743-1745; Henrico - Record Book No. 2 (1678-1693); King William - Deed of John Butler, 1727; King William - Land Tax Lists, 1782-1820; Mecklenburg - Mecklenburg County Migrations; Nansemond - Land Grant fo David Jordan and Cadwallader W. Hawes; Orange - Handle With Care: County Loose Papers; Road Petition; Prince George - List of Aliens, 1840-1841; York - Legislative Petitions, 1777-1797, 1805-1839; Allason Papers: Shenandoah Store Day Book, 1761-1763 (continued); Duplicates?; Are There Only Skeletons in Your Family Tree?; Deeds from Bourbon County, Kentucky; Charles William Dabney PapersDeposition of John Dabney; Defense on the Western Frontier; Ethnic Sources; French and Indian War Land Bounty Certificates (continued); Handle With Care: County Loose Papers; Nathaniel Fox's Will; Grant v. Bennett; Inflation and Pricing: How Much is That in Real Money?; James McDowell Papers; John Mercer's Land Book (continued); Legislative Petitions: The Ten Thousand Name Petition (continued); Mattapponi Indian Tribe Membership List, 1868; Nat Turner's Rebellion; Payne Family Bible; Preston Davie Papers; Richard Ponston/Reinhart Punstein; Strayed

1998, 5½x8½, paper, 404 pp.

101-VA036 ISBN: 07438095[36]