History of Seneca County, Ohio (2 vols.)


History of Seneca County, Ohio - Warner, Beers and Co. Ohio researchers will treasure this extremely detailed book, and genealogists will find a wealth of material in the sections that deal with pioneers. Not a stone of Seneca County history is left unturned. The chapters include many names of people involved with the subject being discussed: archeology (Indian mounds, fossils, etc.), Indians (Senecas, Shawnees, Wyandots, Delawares, Tecumseh), pioneers (Moravians, old time incidents, customs), political history, physicians, the press, military history (including the rolls of Seneca County soldiers in the Civil War), societies, railroads, banks and insurance. Each township is featured in its own chapter, which is broken down into sections dealing with development, early settlers (much genealogical data is included here, such as place of origin, maiden names, and names of children), post offices and post masters, churches, schools, cemeteries, etc. and often includes lists of officials. A separate biographical section is particularly rich in family history, and is followed by an indispensable list of original land entries. A new, detailed index has been added, which includes every name mentioned in the historical section, and surnames in the land entries section; in the biographical section, individuals with articles are identified as such and the “buried” names are also listed. In an effort to offer this book to our customers in the most economical form, we have omitted the first 184 “boiler-plate” pages of the original book, which consisted of the “History of the Northwest Territory” and the “History of the State of Ohio;” thus, our edition begins on page 185 and focuses solely on Seneca County, still “weighing in” at over 1,000 pages! Numerous portraits are scattered throughout the text. (1886, 1994), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 2 vols., 1032 pp.

ISBN: 9780788400506