Tottens of America: A Compilation of Research


The genealogy of the Totten family begins with the writings of William D. Totten (1858-1932) an attorney wo was born in Oneida County, New York, resided in Michigan for most of his adult life, and lived in the state Washington after his retirement.

The first section reprints all the available writings of and about the early family historian, including Totten Family Sketch, The Graves of a Household, Our Migration to Michigan, A Record of a Branch of the Totten Family, from 1761 to 1888 and other articles including one which lists soldiers of Company E, 101st regiment New York State Militia, 1864, disbanded in 1868.

With these writings as a starting point, the author accumulated information on the Totten family for over fifteen years, the culmination of which is collected in the second part of this book. Entitled, A Contribution of the Totten Genealogy, this genealogy traces the Totten family back ten generations to Edward Totten (c.1615-1641) who resided in Stortfield, Hertsford, England. Allied families of Morrell, Hubbert/Hibbard, and Boyd, among others, are also listed in the genealogy.

The third part consists of a list of Tottens of which information was collected by has not yet been tied ot the genealogy in part two. Included in this section, as a further aid to the researcher is a place name index to the unconnected Tottens, Finally, every name in the book has been listed in the index.

Marjorie S. Wilcox

1994, paper, 164 pp.

ISBN: 9780788401275