Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 12: 1759-1764


In 1904, Jane Baldwin published the first volume of The Maryland Calendar of Wills series. The purpose of her work, as expressed in her introduction, was to meet the need of students of history and genealogists. She expected that her compilations would also assist in tracing titles to properties. Embracing the same goal, F. Edward Wright has continued the series. Following the Baldwin format, abstracts include the date of the drawing of the will and the date of probate. Abstracts give the names of all persons mentioned in the original will, including witnesses, names of tracts, acreage and situation, or means by which a property came into the possession of the testator. A full name index adds to the value of this work.

F. Edward Wright

(1992), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 304 pp.

ISBN: 9781585492343