History of the Wright Family


History of the Wright Family - William H. Wright and Gertrude W. Ketcham. This thorough genealogy was researched and compiled over a ten year period. The Wright family members chronicled in these pages are the descendants of Samuel Wright (1722–1789) of Lenox, Massachusetts, including his lineage back to Thomas Wright (1610–1670) of Wethersfield, Connecticut, who came from England circa 1640. In addition, the direct line of Thomas Wright is traced back to John Wright (d. 1551), the English Lord of Kelvedon Hall in Essex, England. Chapter I is devoted to the Wrights in England. In addition to the genealogical records of the family, there are descriptions and pictures of the family estate and environs in Brentwood. Highlighted is the centuries-old mansion, known as Brook Hall or the Moat House, where Thomas Wright was born. Chapter II quotes historical documents of the colonial period for references to “The Wrights in America.” The genealogical record is brought up to Samuel Wright. The rest of the book traces all the descendants, male and female, of Samuel as far as possible down to the early twentieth century. Every entry is cross-referenced and includes dates of birth and marriage, place of residence, and names of spouse and children. More information is given whenever possible, such as biographical details, military records, and wills. There is an every-name index, and an addenda sheet of corrections and updated information has been added by Marie L. Wright, a contemporary descendant. (?. 1995), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, 272 pp.

ISBN: 9780788403057