Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume 2


This is a superb body of knowledge on the lineages of settlers of this region, following their descendants through the 18th century and sometimes into the early 1800s. By networking the multi-faceted talents of these authors, we have greatly advanced the research of these families. Our authors draw on a wide range of published and unpublished sources including: Probate, Land, & Court Records, Tax Lists, Church Records, Bible Records, Cemetery Records, published and unpublished Family Histories (sometimes obscure).

Covering Kent County, this volume includes the following surnames: Ackland, Allaby, Allibone, Arnold, Barnes, Bathershall, Bordley, Bowdy, Bowers, Bowles, Boyer, Breward, Briscoe, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Carter, Carty, Carville, Chancellor, Chandler, Christfield, Christian, Church, Clark, Cleaver, Codd, Cole, Connor, Cooley, Coppedge, Copper, Corse, Coursey, Cousins, Covington, Cowarding, Crouch, Crow, Crump, Dawes, Day, Deere, Dorah, Dulany, Ellenor, Fanning, Fiddis, Fields, Flintham, Ford, Foreman, Forrester, Foxon, Freeman, French, Fulston, Gambell, Garland, George, Giant, Gibbs, Gilbert, Glassford, Goodhand, Gooding, Graham, Granger, Grant, Hailes, Haislip, Hazel, Henley, Hill, Hynson, Ivy, Jervis, Jerome, Jobson, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kendall, Kennard, Kenslaugh, Knight, Knowlman, Lassell, Leatherbury, Linegar, Lowder, MacCatee, Mann, Mansfield, McCan, Monk, Morgan, Murphy, Nash, Neale, Newell, Nicholson, Norris, Perkins, Rasin, Ricaud, Ringgold, Rolph, Shawn, Shield, Smith, Tilden, Wilson, Young.

Robert W. Barnes and F. Edward Wright

(1996, 1999), 2019, 5½x8½, paper, index, 422 pp.

ISBN: 9781585493425