Colonial Families of Cape May, New Jersey, Revised 2nd Edition


In order to reconstruct the history of colonial Cape May County families, the author has organized past research and performed additional research when necessary to fill the gaps. Using a number of sources: wills, church records, land records, and published material, including early issues of The Cape May County Magazine of History and Genealogy, the author has reconstructed lineages for the following families: Badcock, Bancroft, Bennett, Bishop, Brandreth, Briggs, Buck, Carman, Champion, Chester, Church, Corson, Crandall, Crawford, Cresse, Crowell, Daniels, Dennis, Dole, Downes, Edmonds, Edwards, Eldredge, English, Evans, Fish, Flower, Foreman, Foster, Gandy, Garlick, Garretson (Garrison), Godfrey, Goff, Golding, Griffing, Hamilton, Hand, Hathorn, Hedges, Hewett, Hildreth, Holden, Hughes, Ingersul, Ireland, Iszard, Jeacocks, Jenkins, Johnson, Kent, Laughton, Lawrence, Leaming, Lee, Ludlam, Lupton, Mackey, Mason, Mathews, Mulford, Newton, Norton, Osborne, Page, Parsons, Pierson, Pine, Pratten (Pratt), Raney, Reeves, Richardson, Robinson, Ross, Savage, Sayre, Schellenger, Scull, Searle, Shaw, Simkins, Smith, Somers, Spicer, Steelman, Stevens, Stewart, Stillwell, Stites, Storer, Stubbs, Swain, Taylor, Thompson, Townsend, Van Gelder, Wells, Weston, Wheaton, Whilldin, Willits, Woolson, Yates. Whenever possible, the family has been traced up to the time of the Revolutionary War.

This edition contains additional information in the appendix based on the Bible records of Cape May County. A full name index adds to the value of this work.

F. Edward Wright

(2002), 2017, 5½x8½, paper, index, 370 pp

ISBN: 9781585494439