Natchez Postscripts, 1781-1798


Natchez, Mississippi, was under Spanish rule from 1779 until 1798. Official documents were translated from the Spanish in 1818. At some later date, the handwritten translation was transcribed into type. This work is compiled from that typed transcript, which is located at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. It includes such records as depositions, declarations, wills, deeds, bills of sale and reports of disagreements. Most of the records date between 1781 and 1798, although there are scattered earlier and later dates. Over 550 surnames are given, over 100 slaves are named, and there are fifty-five connections to other cities and regions. Each entry includes the page number of the original typescript so that the reader can easily reference the subject. A surname index is included.


Carol Wells


(1992, 2005), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 82 pp.

 ISBN: 9781556136047