Colonial Families of Delaware, Volume 3 (2nd Edition): Kent and Sussex Counties


Tracing lineages of early settlers into the early 1800’s. The primary sources of our information are the court records (probate and orphans’ court), land records, and church records.

Families covered: Atkins, Bagwell, Barker, Cannon, Carey (same as volume 9 of Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland), Carpenter, Cirwithin, Claypoole, Cord, Dodd, Depray/Depree, Draper, Edenfield, Gray, Hazzard, Heaverlo, Hillyard, Kearney, Lofland, Mariner, Marsh, Maull, May, Miers, Newcomb, Nunez, Nutter, Ozburn, Palmer, Parvis, Pettyjohn, Prettyman, Roades, Scudder, Shankland, Spencer, Starkey, Starr, Staton, Stockley, Till, Trippit, Walton, Warrington, Wiltbanck, and Wolfe.

F. Edward Wright

(2003), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 315 pp.

ISBN: 9781585496150