History of the City of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio


In compiling this voluminous history, Mr. Waggoner sought to supply “such record as promised most of practical value for future use.” His intent was to provide not a narrative, but a record of events and particularly the names of the individuals who brought about said events. In the fulfillment of these goals, he covers a number of major subjects. Subjects included are military, from the end of the eighteenth century through the close of the “War of the Rebellion” (the Civil War); government; communication and trade; judicial; hygienic; religious; literary; annals, “disconnected records [of events] and the memories of persons cognizant of the same;” soil products, and related societies, such as horticultural and agricultural societies; social, the various types of societies, clubs and associations which existed, including Temperance groups, secret societies and women’s organizations; trade and manufactures, and architecture; all prefaced by an outline history of the state of Ohio and introductory descriptions and backgrounds of some aspects of the region.

Additional information which this volume supplies is a list of Lucas County townships and a brief history of each; over one hundred biographies, many with portraits; maps; historic views of certain locations; and illustrations. In his compilation of this vast collection of historical records, Mr. Waggoner was aided by his “personal knowledge of the locality concerned.” Also invaluable as sources of information were various local newspapers, chief among these being the Toledo Blade, of which the complete files from May 1837 to 1850 were available to the author. An every-name index has been added to further establish this text as a valuable resource.

Clark Waggoner

(1888, 1997), 2011, 8½x11, paper, index, 4 vols., 1316 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406362