New York Soldiers in the Civil War, A Roster of Military Officers and Soldiers Who Served in New York Regiments, Volume 2, L-Z


New York Soldiers in the Civil War, A Roster of Military Officers and Soldiers Who Served in New York Regiments in the Civil War as Listed in the Annual Reports of the Adjutant General of the State of New York, Volume 2, L-Z - Richard A Wilt. The original, unindexed rosters published in 1894 by the state of New York are now available in this alphabetical, columnar format that lists each soldier's name and regiment(s). Researchers will now be able to identify all the regiments in which a particular soldier may have served. They can then consult additional material in other sources on those regiments.In 1894 the state of New York began publishing rosters of soldiers who had served in New York regiments in the American Civil War. The state spent many years researching, identifying soldiers and clarifying records. The result was forty-three published volumes of service records from 280 regiments, battalions and batteries of infantry, cavalry, artillery and engineers. Over 393,000 names of Civil War officers and soldiers were listed along with their service records. Now, over a hundred years later, this set of rosters is invaluable to persons seeking to document their family history and find their genealogical roots. Researchers wanting to use the original service records quickly run into two problems. First, the books are hard to find. Complete sets of forty-three volumes are rare and expensive. Second, the set of rosters was printed with no index. Finding all references to a single soldier among 51,000 pages is a daunting task, especially since many soldiers served in more than one regiment, either voluntarily through multiple enlistments or incidentally through consolidations and reorganizations of regiments. With the publishing of New York Soldiers in the Civil War, the researcher's task has suddenly become easier. (1999), 2007, 8½x11, paper, 398 pp.

ISBN: 9780788412097