Scotland The Brave: The Life of David, Lord Elcho in the Scottish Uprising of 1745


Lord Elcho (1721-1787), the most prominent member of the Wemyss/Weems family in the 18th century, was in command of Bonnie Prince Charles's Calvary during the Scottish Jacobite Uprising of 1745. "Born a year later than Prince Charles, with whom his destiny was to be so closely linked, he was the eldest son of James, fourth Earl of Wemyss (1699-1756), his mother being Janet Charteris, daughter of Colonel Charteris of Amisfield." Lord Elcho's words have been widely quoted over the years by persons as notable as Sir Walter Scott, but never published in their entirety in America until now. The majority of this work is taken directly from his journal and his narrative of the events of 1745-46, supplemented by a family tree, several maps, and a bibliography. The life and times of Lord Elcho are rife with stories of adventure and travel and his first hand account offers insight into the successes and failures of the Uprising, and gives a lively chronicle of historical events impacting Europe, England and Scotland during the 18th century. Lord Elcho details his experiences as Colonel of Lifeguards, events from the Battle of Prestonpans to Culloden, and recounts his relationship with Prince Charles Edward and other protagonists of the Jacobite cause. Lord Elcho held very strong opinions on a number of subjects, and makes a number of comparisons between the Scots and the Irish. Anyone interested in Scottish and English history will want to add this book to their library.

Sir John Wemyss-Kessler, Bt.

(2000), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, 236 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415821