Through Colonial Doorways


Through Colonial Doorways - Anne Hollingsworth Wharton. The author invites the reader to enter "through the broad doorways of some Colonial homes into the hospitable life within" in order to gain insight into the social and domestic life of Colonial days as revealed by correspondence, journal entries, and anecdotes. Numerous brief excerpts from letters and diaries enliven these pages, and every page is generously peppered with names and vivid detail. Glimpse the festivities of the Meschianza; drop in at New York balls and receptions; or join Dr. Franklin's American Philosophical Society whose object was to bring into correspondence all scientists, philosophers and inventors from this country and Europe. "Prominent among the portraits of early officers is an interesting picture of Thomas Jefferson, who was third president of the Philosophical Society, as well as of the United States." Mingle with Philadelphia society at the exclusive Wistar Parties, or visit the Philadelphia Dancing Assemblies. "Some of the old names run down the Assembly list through all the years to our own time, as Chew, Shippen, M'Call, Hopkinson, McIlvaine, White, Barclay, Cadwalader, Coxe, Lardner, and many more, while others have quite disappeared from Philadelphia society." Finally, sneak a peak at a few old love letters, including some tender words from William Penn and Rev. Elias Keach. Illustrated chapter headings and closings add considerable charm to this volume, and a full-name plus subject index augments its value to researchers.

(1893), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 248 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416194