Representative Families of Northampton, [Massachusetts]


Representative Families of Northampton, [Massachusetts]: A Demonstration of What High Character, Good Ancestry and Heredity have Accomplished in a New England Town - Charles F. Warner. 

Originally published in 1917, this work pays tribute to a limited number of prominent local citizens and families living in Northampton eighty-five years ago. Brief biographical sketches are included for: Jonathan Edwards and the Edwards Family, Christopher Clarke, Henry S. Gere, L. Clark Seelye, the Williston Family, the Shepherd Family, Edward H. R. Lyman, the Williams Family, the (Sydenham Clark) Parsons Family, Lewis J. Dudley, Silas M. Smith, Charles G. Starkweather, Arthur Watson, William Phillips Strickland, Charles N. Clark, Merritt Clark, Haynes H. Chilson, Haynes H. Chilson Jr., Hiram Day, Gerald Stanley Lee, Henry C. Hallett, Richard W. Irwin, the O' Donnell Family, Theobald M. Conor, Chauncey H. Pierce, the Draper Family, Edwin W. Higbee, Clarence D. Chase, Harry E. Bicknell, Dr. J. B. Learned, James D. Atkins, the Parsons Family of Florence, George A. Burr, General John L. Otis and Joseph C. Martin. This work includes family portraits, illustrations of homesteads, coats of arms, and a new full-name index.

(1917, 2002), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 421 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422041