A Journey to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1839

A Journey to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1839
Frederick A. Wislizenus

A fascinating portrayal of mid-19th century life in Rocky Mountain country, as told by a German medical doctor who arrived in America in 1835. This work includes a picture of Dr. Wislizenus and a brief biographical sketch of his life. In discussing the Rocky Mountains, Wislizenus begins with a geographical and historical overview. The entire book is dedicated to recounting his journey. The chapter headings provide the best description of the route covered. They are as follows: The Departure-The Caravan; Journey to the Kanzas River-The Kanzas Indians; Journey from the Kanzas to the Platte-The Elk-The Antelope; Journey Along the Platte to the South Fork; The Buffalo; The Sioux-Passage of the South Fork; Journey up the North Fork-The Prairie Dog-Fort Laramie; Journey Over the Black Hills-Crossing the North Fork; Journey Along the Sweet Waters- The Wind River Mountains; The Yearly Rendezvous; The Crossing of the Mountains-The Grizzly Bear; The Beer Spring-Journey to Fort Hall; The Columbia River- The Hudson's Bay Company; Beginning the Return Journey-The Beaver; The Journey from Beer Spring to Fort Crocket; Journey from Fort Crocket to the South Fork;  Return to the Boundary of Missouri; the Indians.

1912, reprint, paper, 163pp.

ISBN: 9780788422324