Marriages, Deaths, Accidents, Duels and Runaways, etc., Compiled from the Weekly Georgia Telegraph, Macon, Georgia, 1858-1860


Newspaper abstracts are an excellent resource for genealogists and historians. In addition to the abundance of names and relationships, news articles tell us a lot about the customs, lifestyles, and priorities during this fascinating period-not just in Macon, Georgia, but in our county as a whole.

This volume includes abstracts of articles gleaned from issues of the Weekly Georgia Telegraph from Jan. 5, 1858 to Dec. 11, 1860. Marriage notices with the names of those involved; death notices with varying amounts of biographical information; plus accounts of accidents, duels and other interesting tidbits of local concern really bring this community to life. Articles on "runaways" offer detailed physical descriptions of the missing slave and the full name of his/her owner. News of national note, and numerous articles from around the nation are included. All names are set in uppercase within the text, and a fullname index is included to facilitate research.

R. Newton Wilcox

(2003), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 360 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423697