Memoirs of the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Bench and Bar


Memoirs of the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Bench and Bar - Judge Emory A. Walling. This book presents over 150 brief biographical sketches of lawyers and judges in Erie County, Pennsylvania, arranged roughly in order of admission to the Erie bar. Sketches vary in length, but most are one to two pages. The first subject is Hon. Thomas Hale Sill (1783–1856); the last is Lee Griswold, Esq. (1899–1928). The sketches are written in a pleasant style that provides enough personal detail about character traits and physical description to breath life into the subject. Biographical information generally includes: date and place of birth; date, place and cause of death; place of burial; legal experience; civil, political, and/or military service; and names of associates. Many also list parents, spouse and/or children; some touch on the subject’s early life and/or hobbies. While extolling the accomplishments of Hon. Samuel A. Davenport (1834–1911), Judge Walling states that: “Strong lawyers make other lawyers strong. Our bar is greater because of what our fathers were. For a century Erie county has been blessed with an able bar.” A full-name index completes this work.

(1928), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 366 pp.

ISBN: 9780788426681